VegFest FAQs

I’m an individual, how can I get involved with VegFest?

Thanks so much for your interest!  We are lucky to have such an enthusiastic community behind us. Although our board is not currently seeking new applicants for organizers, there are plenty of ways to participate.  We are always in need of volunteers, so if helping out is your passion, check out our volunteer Facebook group here. Leading up to the festival, we will need help with postering and circulating the date on social media.  On the day of the festival, we will need volunteers for security, kid’s booth monitors, info booth attendants, parking attendants, greeters, and floaters. If you don’t have Facebook, please check in with us via email two weeks prior to the event and we will set you up with a position.

I’m a company or organization, how can I get involved with VegFest?

We love working with organizations that are as committed to ethics, sustainability, and health as we are! There are three main ways that companies can get involved: sponsorship, vending, and partnering.  Sponsors are donors who provide us with financial support in return for exposure and reach of their brand.. For more detailed information on being a VegFest Sponsor, please email us at

We would also be excited to consider you as a vendor! If you plan to sell vegan food, attire, home goods, or other merchandise at our festival, please email us for a vendor application package.  Please note that when vendor applications are open, your payment must be sent on the same day as your full application. If your application is not accepted, we will return your payment. Click here for the Exhibitor Sign Up or email us at

Additionally, VegFest is keen to work with community partners who share our vision for a more thoughtful and sustainable world.  In the past, we have partnered with Calgary Vegan, and CARE activism to facilitate pancake breakfasts, movie screenings, and street activism.  In line with our pro-intersectional approach to advocacy, we welcome partnerships with like-minded groups. Please email us at

I would like to set up a meeting with VegFest, when is the team free?

Thanks for your interest in meeting with us! Due to time constrains and the other responsibilities of our volunteer organizers, we wish to remain protective of our team’s time. At this juncture, VegFest is only able to accept meetings regarding sponsorships and partnerships.  We thank you for your understanding.

I’m interested in being a speaker at VegFest, can I apply?

Thank you for your interest! A this time we fully curate all speakers. 

Do VegFest events have an admission fee?

All VegFest events are by cash donation.  We ask that you donate what you can, and if you’re not able to donate- that’s okay! Everyone is welcome.

Please be advised that VegFest does NOT accept food donations of any kind, but encourages you to take these items directly to a food bank.

Where do my donations to VegFest go?

We are extremely grateful for the financial contributions of our community. Please check out our community report here for a detailed breakdown of how we allocate funds.  

Can I reserve a vendor spot at VegFest?

Unfortunately we are unable to reserve spots for any one vendor. All vendors must apply during the application window-this includes sanctuaries, nonprofit vendors, community partners, and all other vendors. Additionally, being a vendor in a previous year does not guarantee your application, your spot, or your acceptance at another VegFest event.