Exhibitor rules & guidelines



VFC welcomes sponsors, exhibitors and vendors who abide by the mission and goals of our event. We require that all goods, services, literature, and messages reflect these values. Our Mission is to promote and celebrate the adoption of compassionate and sustainable living into Calgary's culture through outreach and education.

vegfest calgary values

1. Demonstrate compassion for all living beings;

2. Embrace the diversity of all individuals seeking information;

3. Educate the wider community using a variety of academic research, facts and statistics, as well as compelling storytelling, images and engagement;

4. Create unity within the vegan community by embracing the many reasons people choose vegan lifestyles and the variety of lifestyles that exist within the larger community.

Exhibitor space is available from VFC by our discretion only. VFC reserves the right to decline any exhibitor at any time at its discretion. In accordance with our mission and values, VegFest Calgary will be a strictly VEGAN event.Vegan is defined as being free of any animal ingredients or processes that use animals. All products that are sold, sampled, or displayed MUST CONTAIN NO ANIMAL INGREDIENTS OR BY-PRODUCTS, including meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy, honey, wool, leather, fur, silk, shells, and anything else that is animal in origin. Also, NO PRODUCTS WILL BE ALLOWED THAT HAVE BEEN TESTED ON ANIMALS. The promotion of events or services that include the exploitation of animals, including but not limited to circuses, rodeos, zoos, etc. is also strictly forbidden. All literature and other information displayed or distributed must only include vegan and vegan-friendly products and services. VFC reserves the right to exclude any items that it judges to be inappropriate.

Any non-vegan items will be quickly removed, and the offending vendor may be subject to ejection from the event. We encourage any questions about products or services to be emailed to vendor@vegfestcalgary.com

If you display, offer samples, promote or sell any animal products or any products containing animal ingredients, or if your products promote animal experimentation, you will be asked to leave the event immediately, with no refund. VegFest organizers will be visiting each booth to verify compliance.

VegFest Calgary is a compassionate, family-friendly, and positive-living festival. We would like to ensure that no merchandise or items sold, depict direct violence against humans or animals.

Day-of Event Details

More event details, including set-up times, festival map, etc. will be sent in a separate email to all approved vendors two weeks prior to the event.


All exhibitors must provide their own 10 foot x 10 foot canopy and one 25 lb weight per leg. The canopy material must meet CAN/ULCS-S109 standards for flame resistant materials. No refunds will be given if the fire marshal asks you to shut down because your canopy does not meet this standard. 

Note: Tents are mandatory for all Exhibitors. If you are renting a tent please pick it up beforehand or rent through us for $200 per 10x10 tent (ask us for larger sizes). Third party deliveries to Shaw Millennium Park will not be accepted.


There are limits to the amount of electricity available for exhibitors. Please inform us of your electricity needs as soon as possible, including a detailed list of equipment amperage, number of plugs required, and plug types. Deadline for electricity is May 1st, 2019.


On the day of the event, once unloaded, your vehicle must be moved to A) the designated “vendor parking area” if you paid for a stall, or B) nearby street parking or city parking lots. Please indicate in the application if you would like a paid parking stall. Spaces will fill quickly, and we may not be able to guarantee every vendor a parking stall. More information on city parking lots and street parking will be distributed to you two weeks prior to event.


Your booth number will be given to you on the morning of the event. Maps will be available around the event grounds and with various volunteers and organizers. You will NOT be permitted to change or trade booth numbers unless you receive consent from a VegFest organizer. If you have any specific requests for the location of your booth, please indicate in the application form and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Please understand that as this is an outdoor event, we need to factor in proximity of electrical outlets, water, and other factors for various vendors, so your request is not guaranteed to be accommodated.


Exhibitors can set up as early as 8 am the day of the event. Food vendors will need to be set up and ready for health inspection by 11 am. Take down will begin at 8pm. Early take-down will not be permitted. Please ensure your station and belongings are monitored at all times.


Exhibitors are responsible for the security of their own property and equipment at all times. While limited volunteers will be patrolling the event, no licensed security personnel will be assigned specifically to exhibitors and vendors. The exhibitor acknowledges and agrees that VFC is not responsible for any loss, theft or damage to any property left on the event grounds at any time.


Any exhibitor canceling or withdrawing from VegFest Calgary on or before May 15th, 2019 will be refunded their registration fees less a $50 administration fee. Any exhibitor that cancels after May 15th, 2019 will forfeit their registration fees entirely. In the event of cancellation or no-show a half-hour after the scheduled arrival time, VegFest has the right to reassign the reserved space without any refund to the exhibitor.



All exhibitors are encouraged to promote VFC through their websites, newsletters, e-mailings, calendars, and other opportunities as available.

Photo release

All exhibitors grant VFC permission to use and/or replicate photographs and video taken during the event for the purpose of publishing in newsletters, the organization’s website, for fundraising, outreach, and educational materials.


All exhibitors must provide a Certificate of Insurance to VFC thirty days prior to event day. The following information should be listed: Additional Insured: VegFest Foundation of Calgary and Shaw Millennium Park: 1220 9 Ave S.W

Please forward a copy to: vendor@vegfestcalgary.com by May 1st, 2019. Companies or organizations that do not carry insurance policies or cannot provide a certificate of insurance will be asked to sign a liability waiver.


Neither VFC; their sponsors or agents; the facilities; host cities, counties nor provinces are responsible for injury, loss or damage from any cause whatsoever that may be suffered by a exhibitorr, employee of the exhibitor or property belonging to the exhibitor’s employee. The exhibitor, upon signing this contract, expressly releases the foregoing named individuals and employees from all claims for such loss, cancellation, damage, or injury. VFC assumes no responsibility or liability for goods delivered to the grounds, or for materials left on the grounds after closing hours.


VFC reserves the right to make changes, amendments, and additions to these rules as considered advisable for proper conduct of the event, with the provision that all exhibitors will be advised of any such change. Any matters not specifically covered are subject to decision by VFC.

Licensing Fees/ Taxes/ Levies

The exhibitor acknowledges that said exhibitor is and agrees to be solely responsible and to hold VFC, festival sponsors, officers, directors, and volunteers thereof harmless and indemnified with respect to any locally or nationally required licensing fees or taxes whether governmentally imposed or otherwise. Said fees may include, but are not limited to, local merchant’s certificates, local transient merchant’s certificates, province licensing requirements for sales tax or merchant’s certificates, music licensing fees, taxes and corporate trademark licensing fees or other like fees. VFC and participating sponsors assume no responsibility for any levies imposed on any vendor.

Local Regulations

Exhibitors must conform to all rules and regulations in effect at the show facilities as set forth by the city, including the fire departments, police departments and/or the building and safety departments.


Should VFC find it necessary to cancel the event , VFC agrees to refund all monies paid by the exhibitor within 30 days of such cancellation. Vendor agrees to hold VFC harmless for any resulting loss.


Allergens/ Ingredients

Exhibitors distributing food and food samples must display and/or have available a complete list of ingredients in each item. Signage must also include any food allergens present. Common vegan allergens are: nuts, gluten/ wheat, and soy.


All utensils, plates and other containers for food and samples MUST BE 100% COMPOSTABLE. A $100 garbage fee may be imposed if VFC staff discovers non-compostable food-ware has been used. Green Event Services will sort through all waste at the event and recycle or compost more than 90% of it as our goal is to have a zero waste event!


Samples must be single pre-portioned sizes, which must be dispensed individually in disposable (compostable or recyclable) containers or with disposable (compostable or recyclable) utensils. Samples must be protected from potential contamination by consumers and the immediate environment.

Plastic wrap, dome lids, or portable sneeze guards offer acceptable protection. Hand contact with open foods must be minimized by using disposable gloves and/or utensils.

Hand Washing Stations

Depending on the food handling activity at each booth, vendors may be required to set up a temporary hand washing station. Refer to the AHS Special Events Food Vendor Package to determine what level of sanitation is required.


No home-prepared foods permitted.  Limited food preparation shall occur onsite. All food preparation must be completed in an approved facility, that is one with a valid Food Handling Permit issued by Alberta Health Services (AHS).

If you are not currently preparing your products in an approved facility, you will be required to seek one out and have the owner/ operator complete a Permission to Use an Approved Food Establishment Form (available upon request or on the AHS website).

Food Handler

Food vendors will be required to have at least one food handler, who is in charge at the event. This individual should have successfully completed a safe food handling course provided by or to the satisfaction of AHS. 


Food vendors will be required to be set up and ready for health inspection one hour prior to the event. Upon request of the Public Health Inspector, vendors must be able to produce their food handler certification, and prove food establishment validity by providing either a copy of their facility's Food Handling Permit OR a Permission to Use an Approved Food Establishment form.


All food vendors are required to submit a Special Event Vendor Notification to vendor@vegfestcalgary.com no later than April 15th, 2019. Please also provide VegFest Calgary with a designated contact person, their email AND phone number, and a complete list of food and beverage items served by the same deadline.

AHS Compliance:  In addition to these Rules, please review and adhere to the AHS Special Events Food Vendor Package. It is your responsibility as the vendor to ensure you have all the correct permits and certifications for this event. If you have any additional questions, please contact Alberta Health Services for assistance.

Fire Extinguishers

Vendors producing grease-laden vapors as a result of operations will be required to have a working Type K fire extinguisher and have staff on hand trained for its use.

Fire Inspection

All vendors are subject to an inspection by the fire marshal on the day of the event. Food trucks must have a their valid 2019 fire inspection sticker on display.

Food Trucks

Food trucks are not permitted to use a generator. Please provide your own cable to tie into City provided electricity. Food trucks are not permitted to drive/ sit directly on the grass.

Redefining our city through compassionate, sustainable and healthy living.